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Cleaning Berber Carpet Tips

Berber carpet is a very popular carpet available to decorate your home today. Berber carpet is not a type of carpet per se. Its a weave of carpet which is made up of small dense loops. Woven in parallel lines, the loops are packed tightly together. They can stand up to a lot of foot traffic and you don't see footprints and wear patterns . Its not surprising that the main reason homeowners choose berber is because its so easy to care for. A secondary, but also important reason is because it can look beautiful for years to come.

Many people think that cleaning berber carpet is difficult. For many years, all berbers were made of wool. The reason is simple. Compared to other types of carpets, it was more expensive. Berber is now made of nylon and olefin. It is constructed with a loop pattern. Since all of the loops are connected together, causing a run in your carpet if it gets snagged. If you want to keep your berber looking consistently clean, vacuum frequently. By removing the majority of the dirt, you wont have to worry about it being worked deep into the fibers.

You'd be surprised at how quickly you can stop the damage that dirt causes your carpets simply by taking off your shoes when you walk in the door. You get dirt and grime, oil, mud and other sticky substances on your shoes which then get tracked onto the carpet. Doing this causes dark pathways in the most busy parts of your carpets. You can appreciate just how easy it is to keep your carpets clean simply by taking your shoes off.

When you choose nylon berber carpet it gives you a look of elegance that doesn't come with the price tag of wool. You'll find that nylon can stand a lot of traffic and can resist stains much better than olefin. The reason is simple: nylon resists stains. It also does a better job of resisting mold and mildew better than other fabrics. One of the best features of nylon berber is that it is crush resistant. This makes nylon the perfect material for a berber carpet. The best method of cleaning a nylon berber carpet is with a low moisture carpet cleaning methods. This will get better results and the carpets are dry very fast.

If you decide to purchase wool berber carpet you will be excited about the performance. Wool has a natural occurring quality which makes it stain resistant and wear resistant. These qualities are not found in synthetic carpets. You'll love the results of using a dry foam method on wool berber carpets.

Do not rub the carpet when you are cleaning a stain. You will end up pushing the stain even deeper in your carpet. Gently blott the stain with a clean towel. work from the outside of the stain, to the inside. Do not over wet the carpet, and dry it well, after you have cleaned the stain. Be careful when cleaning. It is possible to damage the fibers, or remove some of the color from the fibers.

Cleaning berber carpets will help ensure your investment pays off. Your carpets will reward you if you take care of them.

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cleaning berber carpet

Cleaning Berber Carpet