How To Remove Tough Stains From Carpets


How to Remove Tough Carpet Stains

If you’ve ever gone toe to toe with a carpet stain I am certain that you will readily admit that this is a daunting task. Perhaps this is the result of the natural reaction to toss every cleaner in your cabinet the moment the stain appears only to discover that in many cases you’ve done far more harm than good. The fact is that different carpet materials have different cleaning requirements and some may be damaged as a result in using certain cleaners whether they were made for carpets or not.

The good news is that removing stains from your carpet doesn’t have to be too terribly difficult. Simple stains should be easily removable with the use of soap based cleaning products. More complex stains or those that have had time to ‘set in’ will generally be best helped through the use of professional tools or services.

Bringing in the Pros

One of the best things to learn when it comes to keeping things in your world ship shape is when to do things yourself and when to enlist the services of professionals. A professional steam cleaning service can go a long way towards restoring the health and beauty of your carpet. Steam is used in this method as a means for breaking up the soil within the carpet. The huge con of using steam cleaning methods is the fact that your carpet is typically wet and unusable for a period of time after the carpet has been cleaned. The other huge risk is the fact that with the right or wrong weather conditions your carpet could very easily develop of mildew odor before it has completely dried. Steam cleaning is effective at removing surface stains, which explains its continued popularity despite the potential drawbacks.

Another great way to clean your carpet is a newer method that is growing in popularity. This method uses chemicals for the purpose of cleaning your carpet. These chemicals are full of enzymes, which work to break down the soil and dirt hiding beneath the surface of your carpet. This type of cleaning isn’t without risk and should be left in the capable hands of professionals so that you do not risk your carpets or rugs in the process of doing it yourself.

You do not need advanced degrees or specialized training in order to clean many carpet stains, nor do you need to face them with a sense of dread. Depending on the types of stains you have a good spot cleaning may be just what the doctor ordered. Some stains however, such as pet stains or ink should be dealt with by those who are trained in the removal of stains and have the equipment with which to perform the task without causing further damage to your carpets.

You should not cringe the moment something touches your carpets or be afraid to let your kids move around in your house for fear of staining the carpets. Chances are if there is a stain to be had in your carpets, there is a way in which to remove it.

Christopher Smith