Carpet Cleaning Tips - Save Money With These Tips

Most important suggestion when it comes to carpet cleaning tips : if you want your carpets as clean as a profession carpet cleaner can, then you should consider a professional carpet cleaning service. However, if you're not looking for perfection, but something pretty close, you'll find a few carpet cleaning tips here that will help you keep your carpets looking almost new.

First, if you want that carpet stain removed, you need heat. Steam carpet cleaning beats dry carpet cleaning hands down. Use water that is as hot as you can get it - but be sure to protect your hands. You don't need a stained carpet and third degree burns on your hands.

Next in our list of carpet cleaning tips: detergent attracts dirt - the same thing you're trying to get rid of. Steam cleaning doesn't have this issue - thats why we recommend hot water extraction (it uses heat that is between 150 - 200 degrees F). If you're going to use detergent, be sure to rinse well.

There are 3 factors to consider when you are trying to clean your carpets: heat, time and elbow grease. If one isnt working you can usually make up for it by using the other two. If you cant use enough heat to get rid of the stain, let it sit awhile, then scrub harder.

carpet cleaning tipsEffective Carpet Cleaning Tips: 3 Factors

One area that most people get wrong, and here is one of the most important carpet cleaning tips - when trying to clean carpets themselves is blotting the stain with a cloth. Most people use a cloth or paper towels, blotting the stained area, hoping the stain will be removed by applying just enough pressure. The problem is, you're not actually cleaning the stain. Do yourself a favor - take the time, and worst case, use a shop-vac and rinse, wash and repeat. The more often you do this, the cleaner your carpet will be.

One of the best carpet cleaning tips: put an area rug down by the front and back door. An even better idea is having one on the inside and outside of your door, and ask them to remove their shoes. This means less dirt is tracked all throughout the house - resulting in not only less vacuuming for you, but, less dirt in your carpets in those well used areas. Carpets that see a lot of traffic become more easily damaged - resulting in a carpet that stains more easily. Damaged carpet fibres are also more difficult to remove stains for a cleaner carpet

These carpet cleaning tips will help you not only get rid of most carpet stains, but will help you to ensure your carpet lasts a little longer. It might even help you keep those professional carpet cleaners away for a little longer.

Also knowing what type of stain will help (ie. coffee stains on carpets).

Next in our list of carpet cleaning tips, you must decide which cleaning product has the best capabilities for your type of carpet and carpet cleaning needs.  You aren't just trying to rinse it with water then dry it again, and you need product to break down dirt and dust, draw out deep down build up and kill germs and bacteria, all while maintaining the original beauty of the pile.

Knowing what type of carpet you have may end up saving you money by allowing you to clean it yourself, without having to hire a professional carpet cleaner.  You've invested in your carpet, it might be an idea to invest in a carpet cleaning machine - but which one? Steam cleaner or dry cleaning? So many choices. Fortunately, we aim to find a few carpet cleaning tips to make the decisions a little easier for your unique situation.


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